Features coming soon to a blog near you!

So, you might be wondering, why should you read this blog?  Good question.  Honestly, you should probably spend your time doing something more productive and fulfilling.

That being said, please read this blog.  I need something to feel good about in my life.  That’s right, I’ll take your pity views.


I do hope you enjoy your time here though, and to aid in that, I’m announcing some regular features of this blog, stuff you can look forward to on a regular basis.  Drumroll please…


1: Anime from the Black Lagoon – A weekly feature where I give my impression of an anime that is either widely known to be or is just in my opinion a terrible piece of garbage.  I will watch it and give you my thoughts, as safe for your workplace as possible.  First up, MD Geist!

2: leaveit2me’s Film Club – Either weekly or biweekly, I will invite you into the folds of the leaveit2me Film Club, where great movies abound, according to me.  I will provide a quick tease to tempt you to watch some classic cinema, and hopefully broaden your horizons about what the film genre can do.  This will also work for pretentious film nuts, as my picks will probably seem pedestrian to them.  First up, Double Indemnity!

3: The Nerd’s Lexicon – I provide a brief but detailed definition for a word within the nerd vernacular.  The regularity of this section is up in the air, as it will require time to do the necessary research.  First up, Anime Demographics – “Shounen”!

4: The Popculturemecha Podcast – This podcast will start up at some point in the near future as an extension of this blog.  I will provide an update of what will be posted in the near future, as well as my thoughts on random nerdy things that I’m interested in, along with some insight into my daily life, if I’m dumb enough to let any of that slip.  I may rant and rave, or I might just fall asleep some time during the middle, who knows.  I hope to grow this and get some guests or fellow panelists.  Right now, all I can do is hope that you like it.

So that’s all for now, and I hope your looking forward to something on this list.  I welcome all commentary, criticism and any racial slur you can throw at me, I’ll take it all!  Better that you tell it to me than to someone you actually know!  I’m just kidding, please leave me alone, I’m very sensitive.  I take pills in the morning just to face myself in the mirror!

If you’re still reading at this point, I commend you.  Please don’t take me seriously, I’m just having fun here.  But to be serious for a second, I do welcome a good conversation.  One of my passions is just communication with people.  It’s one of the reasons I started this.  If you want to talk, look up my contact page.

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