Music Review – Jormungand OST

Yay!  First actual post!  Here’s a quick and dirty review of the Jormungand official soundtrack.


One thing that this show does well is create a threatening atmosphere.  Basically, everyone in this show is a badass, and crossing them is quick way to die.  However, in the lulls between gunfire, there are calm, sometimes even funny moments.  This soundtrack captures this dissonance with a variety of pretty great songs.

The first feature is Time to Rock and Roll.  Cool and quick, with a subtle bass beat, this song fits the anticipation before a mission begins.  Perfect for the scenes before the action.

Next, we have Cul-De-Sac.  What is a cul-de-sac?  It’s the end of the line, and this symbolizes the points when this song plays, when our heroes reach a foe that has put them at their wits end.  A song that plays with the tension of the scene, it does it’s job well.

Here’s track #10, Cogito ergo sum, which is Latin for “I think, therefore I am”.  This song matches the emotions of the Hekmatyar family very well.  A chilly undertone and a somber overtone, with a violin that pulls you through, this is a lovely song that never fails to get you down.

Next, Meu mundo amor.  I’m not even going to be bother talking about this one.  Just listen:

Finally, the song that characterizes this show, Time to Attack.  When you think of Jormungand, you either think of the opening, or this.

I hope you liked the review, and if you liked these, I recommend you check out the rest of the OST.

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