Popculturemecha Podcast Episode 1: The First Step

Hello!  First post back from a long drought is also the first episode of my new podcast, the Popculturemecha Podcast!  It is by no means a fully established piece of work and will require many tries and do-overs to improve, but this is a start, which is the hardest part.

This first episode is just an introduction of myself, so sadly there isn’t much going on.  Hopefully I will be able to provide more interesting topics and perhaps conversations with friends and fellow bloggers.  For the time being, this is what it is.

So with there, here we are: Popculturemecha Podcast Ep. 1

Note: The opening and closing music is “Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire – VS Wild Pokémon (GBA & Anime mashup)” made by MaxOfS2D, and this podcast is therefore being distributed under an Attribution Creative Commons License.

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