Top 5: Short Anime

Here’s a quick little list about little anime.  “Short” anime are shows that have episodes which are less than 15 min. long.  These shows tend to be placed in the interstices of Japanese television programming, such as in the after-credits or during the 5 minutes between hour slots of Japanese game shows.  Sometimes these shows gain a large amount of popularity and a fan-following.  I feature here some shows of that nature for your consumption.  Enjoy!

PS: These are my favorite.  As usual, this is by no means a comprehensive or definitive list.

#5: Aiura


Aiura is plain awkward.  The opening song is something about crabs, and features flash images of Steve Jobs holding shellfish.  I mean, there’s even an image that says, “Think Crabing”.  What the hell does that mean?  Either way, the episodes deal with 3 girls who are just… weird, like how young school girls actually are.  They talk about weird things, without understanding the situation and context of what’s coming out of their mouth.  In the end, everyone just comes out worse from the experience.  And yet, I can’t not like this show.  It’s just too dumb and funny.


#4: Binzume Yousei


This is another weird one.  Binzume Yousei or Bottle Fairies deals with the everyday trials of 4 very small girls, who seem to possess magical powers, and who live on top of the desk of a school teacher.  Every now and then, they traipse out into the real world and walk over to the neighbors house, where a very young girl councils the 4 on life in the human world.  It’s sweet and light, and you can’t help but feel better after watching it.  There’s no animosity, no sadness, just fun for the sake of fun.  Very, very little goes in on their lives, as they try and struggle to find the meaning behind their own existence.  Yet, at the end of the day, they find meaning in just the search of it, and everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

And the teacher isn’t even a pervert.  How great is that!

#3: Chitose Get You!!


Some shows work by hinging on the efforts of a single character.  If that show attempts something meaningful during it’s course, it usually doesn’t work, as all of the meaning has to hinge on that single focal character.  With that much narrative stress, the audience becomes inconvinced, and it fails.  However, what if there is absolutely no reason to be convinced in the first place?

In steps Chitose Get You!!  What a dumb show.  It’s about a grade-schooler who has fallen for a salaryman who doesn’t seem to understand why she has fallen for him, but tries to deal with it as politically as possible.  Meanwhile, the little girls romantic preclusions cause trouble for all those around her, especially her female teacher, who she sees as a potential threat to her future marital bliss with the aforementioned salaryman.

Basically, it’s about an oblivious kid whose rambunctious nature and pre-pubescent fantasies provide gags aplenty.  It’s hilarious.

#2: Kogepan


“OMG lololol so deep.”  This is a common response to Kogepan.  I can’t really argue, as that was my reaction as well.  This show is about a piece of burn bread that just wants to be bought.  Why?  That’s just what bread wants.  This burnt piece of bread struggles with dilemma of existing while knowing that the purpose for it’s existence is so that it will be consumed.  In many ways, Kogepan is similar to Attack on Titan.

I’m just making stuff up now, but you can see where I’m drawing the comparison, right?

Anyways, this burnt piece of bread just complains and chats up other burnt pieces of bread, all while drinking milk, which apparently makes bread drunk.  It think that is fantastic.  Overall, a silly show that does something profound with very little.  Nice.

#1: Chi’s Sweet Home

chis sweet home

Do you have friends who won’t stop saying things like “Kawaii-desuuuuu”, whenever you mention that you watch anime?  Well, show them Chi’s Sweet Home and tell them, “This is legit kawaii.  No go away, I need to finish my Pretty Cure marathon.”

Seriously though, this show is way too cute.  I can’t stress enough how cute it is.  It’s… just very, very cute, okay?  Just take my word for it.  Go watch it.  It’s cute.  That’s… all there is to it.  Very cute.  I promise.  Cute.  Fo’ shizzel, the cutest.  No doubt.

Just… go watch it.  It’s cute.  That is all.

Alright, that’s it for this one.  Hope you liked it, and if you think I missed anything, please feel free to put it in the comments.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Top 5: Short Anime

  1. Thanks for the Kogepan tip. XD
    Anyhow, I would also mention Teekyuu, I can’t understand what my husband is saying and Detroit Metal City. Check them out, they’re pretty nice. :3

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