Top 11: Worst Anime Endings With Great Songs

Here’s yet another list.  I’m starting to like these, they’re pretty fun to do.

Here’s a question for you: what is an anime ending supposed to do?  For me, it has to properly cap a show and either help complete the experience of watching an episode of a show.  That’s a pretty tough job, and as a result we see a lot of badly done endings.  Thankfully, you can sometimes salvage some part of the ending by putting in a great song, even if you flub the feeling or quality of the ending.

This list is just that, a list of endings that are poor, low-quality, or just downright lazy, but have some great music playing in the background.

#11: Futari Shizuka – Otome Youkai Zakuro ED3

There weren’t many redeeming qualities to Otome Youkai Zakuro, but this ending was certainly one of them.  The reason for that is solely due to the song that backs this ED.  While the art for this ending is pretty good, at least by my estimation, the arrangement is much, much too simple, like the show itself.  That, coupled with my absolute love of the song, puts this ending at the top of the list.

#10: Style – Soul Eater ED2

You can usually rely on long-running shounen anime to really pull out all the stops when it comes to openings to endings.  However, one examples of a bewildering choice of tone for an anime ending is “Style” from Soul Eater.  It’s bright and happy, the antithesis of the majority of the show, at least the parts that most people enjoyed anyway.  A worse offender of this type of act would probably be “Torch”, the ending for Clannad: After-Story, but at least that one helped people get over what was going on in the show.  Soul Eater was not really in need of brightening up, since the sole point of enjoyment was that it was dark.  However, the song is the one part you can take solace in and listen to separately for it’s own individual worth.

#9: Zetsubousei – Danganronpa: The Animation ED1

I have many problems with Danganronpa: The Animation, and just anime video game adaptations in general.  They just don’t really work for me.  The reason for this is illustrated well with this ending.  It becomes a matter of oversimplification.  Basically, a member of the show is knocked out each episode.  As a result, the show becomes far too predictable.  As each member of the show is finished they are added to a picture that is the zoomed out on in the ending.  That is pretty much the entire ending.  While I understand that this is just a reflection of the shows progress, can’t we bit just little more creative?  I don’t think that that’s asking for a lot.  Either way, the song was half-way decent.

#8: Ambivalentidea – Jormungand ED1

It’s a beautiful song.  Just amazing.  Terrific and powerful vocals, mixed with crystal clear perfect instrumental and FX work to create great music.  And what does it support?  A picture of a bullet on the ground next to rolling credits.  C’mon, really?  That’s just not right.  I mean, I really liked this show.  This was one of the few things I didn’t like, and I really didn’t like it.

#7: Shissou – Ouran Highschool Host Club ED

I’ve heard my fair share of opinions about Ouran Highschool Host Club, and people seem to divided into love/hate camps.  However, the general consensus about the ending song is a favorable one.  Why wouldn’t it be?  Last Alliance is a popular and celebrated J-Rock band that does good work.  Just look at their opening for Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger for more evidence of that.  With that being said, whenever I ask about the animation of the ending, people generally don’t seem to remember what it was.  That’s because it wasn’t memorable at all.  It basically consists of several renders of the characters in their manga form going through transitions that would seem more appropriate in a tutorial of how to use Microsoft PowerPoint.  Overall, pretty poor.  At least the songs good, right?

#6: Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku – Steins;Gate ED1

Here is a terrific example of the opening overshadowing the ending.  Whenever I ask people what they think about the music for Steins;Gate, the first, and sometimes only, thing they mention is the opening song.  To be honest, Hacking the Gate is good, and I’m a fan of Itou Kanako, but c’mon.  The song for the ending is spectacular, and perfect for the show.  However the ending sequence itself is unremarkable, just bunch of shards of glass reflecting light on a dark background.  Really, really boring.  The song though?  Magnificently done by Yui Sakakibara, outdoing Itou Kanako as far as I’m concerned.

#5: Chiisana Inori – Fruits Basket ED1

I really love this show.  I really do.  It touches me, and fills me with emotions in a way that very, very few other anime do.  But I will not tolerate a lazy ending, and Fruits Basket is the next offender on this list to create one.  It’s simply a square holding cuts from the episode in grainy quality, next to fading credits.  They got Ritsuko Okazaki to sing, and she does a spectacular job on both the opening and the ending.  I also really like how the opening of this show was done by the way.  The opening wasn’t laziness, but rather deliberate simplicity.  It works for the opener, but fails miserably as an ending.

#4: Kemuri – Himitsu: The Revelation ED

Here we have a very good show that doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention it deserves.  To top it off, the ending has a great song, but an absolutely unimaginative ending.  I feel like a broken record at this point, so I’ll just stop there, since I’m assuming you get the point of this by now.

#3: Your Hand – Switch ED

Very similar to the previous entry.  Unknown anime, great musical piece for the ending.  The ending sequence is just a zoom out of a picture.  Yeah, it’s that bad.

#2: Kagerou – xxxHolic ED2

When I first thought of this list, it’s because of this entry.  I really like xxxHolic and I don’t I think it gets a lot of hate for no real reason.  I must say though that this ending is downright sad.  It’s just the annoying part of the show all over again, and that’s it.  To add insult to injury, put a great Buck-Tick song up there, and there you have it.  Entry #2.

#1: Can you fly – Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha Gaiden ED

Just roll the credits.  Somebody just said, “Get a good song, and we can just roll the credits.  It’s just an OVA, no one cares.”  Well I have news for you.  I care.  I have no life, so this is stuff I can care about.  Yasushi Ishii does a great job with “Can you fly” and you give him a resounding, “Yes, on a plane.  But we still won’t animate this ending sequence.”  Very poorly done, but the song is still a good enough reminder of how great this Gaiden was, and how it was arguably better than either of the actual shows that book-ended it.

And that’ll be all, thank you very much.  I hope you had a fun time reading and listening.  If you have any thoughts on additional entries, or arguments for why these entries shouldn’t be here, place them in the comments below.  Thanks, and have a great day!

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