Music Review – Saya no Uta OST

Here’s yet another quick and dirty review, this time for the soundtrack to the Gen Urobuchi visual novel Saya no Uta.  Now for those who haven’t played/read it, this is a pretty gruesome and macabre novel.  The OST follows suit, and I really liked how it contrasted the innocence of a love story with the demented reality that came out through the course of the novel.  Overall, I really liked the tone and presence of the music in the novel, and how it did a great job of coming to the forefront when it came to holding true to the themes of the novel.

Here are a few of my favorite tunes from the OST. Let’s start with the very first track, “Schizophrenia”.

For some reason, I always listen to this song with the volume just a little too high.  When I do, the beginning always gives me the shivers.  After a little while, we get some false strings that come in a lower the tension just a bit, replacing it with a melodic thrill.  About halfway in, we start to get a real beat, and the song starts to set the pace for entering the novel.  A pretty good piece that’s well designed.

Next, we have one of my favorite songs from the soundtrack, “Song of Saya II”.

This, to me, is the most important song of the game.  You see songs like this often in video game soundtracks.  There’s usually one song in the soundtrack that you think of and that you associate with the game, due to the fact that that song seems to capture all of the emotion and the tone and feeling of the game.  “Song of Saya II” does that for me.

Next is track #8, “Sunset”.

This song is just so different from the novel, as it doesn’t have the tension and thrill of some of the other tracks that is so prescient in the novel.  However, it does capture one of the less major themes of the novel, and that’s yearning.  The MC yearns to understand normalcy, after being stripped of the normal life he once had.  Unable to return after having his senses modified, he struggles with the idea that perhaps the world he once inhabited was fake, now that he has no chance of going back to it.  It’s that yearning and hopelessness that is captured in this song.

The last one I will feature is track #12, “Savage”.

To me, this is the only track of it’s kind on this OST.  It captures a feeling that is similar to something from the Trigun OST, which is a kind of action or thrill, or something of a fast-paced nature.  This isn’t really found that often in a visual novel, which has a very set pace that is based entirely on the readers imagination.  I think this track helps the novel keep up it’s pace, and pushes the reader through, helping them enjoy it further.  I like the design of this track, and it’s kind of a catchy tune on it’s own.

Overall, I think this is a decent OST, with some good tracks and decent design to help the novel achieve it’s atmosphere and feeling.  That’s all for this review. Put your thoughts in the comments below.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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