A Cry for Completion: Arslan Senki Update

This is just a very, very small update regarding something I didn’t talk about in the last “Cry for Completion” involving the current status of translation and publication of the Arslan Senki series of novels.

The novel series is currently sitting at Volume 14 in the original Japanese.  Aaaaaaaand… no one has officially licensed the novels to translate and release them in English.  God damnit!

There are a few positive points though.  First, the Arakawa Hiromu manga adaptation has been licensed by Kodansha USA and it has currently released 3 translated volumes.  Second, the anime adaptation is currently out and Funimation has the license for that.  Hooray!  Although it’s a bit second-hand, this adaptation is turning out to be a pretty nice story.  Nothing to complicated or unforeseen, but the animation quality and character chemistry make for a nice 2-cour show.  Again, I hold out little hope for a completely satisfying conclusion, but I do hope that they show some indication at the end that there will be future Arslan animes.

For those who are impatient (like me) or are more interested in taking a look at the original work (like me), then there is one option.  There’s a fan translation available here: https://arslansenki.wordpress.com/.  This guy is reeeeeeeeeally slow, but very good.  He is translating the Chinese translation of the original works (as there does exist a Chinese translation of the original Japanese novels) into English and uploading as time permits.  If you are interested, you can give that a shot.  I believe he last updated in June.  I wish him luck, as it is a hefty challenge to sift through the historical references of Arslan.  However, I definitely hope he succeeds.

That’s all for the update.  Tune in for more crying at a later date.  Thanks again, and have a great day!

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