Anime Challenge [Summer Edition] – #1 Petshop of Horrors

Hisashiburi, minna!  Genki, desu ka~?

Wow, I’m sorry.  That was so sad.  I’ll stop pretending to be Japanese.  Man, I feel like such a weeaboo.

Anyways, hey.  I just started this thing called, “leaveit2me’s Anime Challenge [Summer Edition]“.  It’s one of the new pages.  Check it out.  I’ll be doing review for the things I watch as I go.  It’s just a fun little thing I’m doing to help force myself to watch more anime (as if I needed an excuse to do so in the first place), and also to give me material to write about on this blog.  God knows I’m starting to run dry.  It’s tough when you have a goal of writing a post a day, while also writing for 2 other blogs #firstworldproblems

Alright, I’m getting distracted.  Let’s just get to the heat of the meant.  Whatever that means.  Petshop of Horrors.  Not to be mistaken with Little Shop of Horrors.  I made that mistake early, but realized very, very soon that they were not the same.  Petshop of Horrors is a 4-episode anime adaptation of a relatively successful manga of the same name.  A very “Tales from the Crypt”-type story is presented via the enigmatic owner of a strange pet shop in Los Angeles’ Chinatown.  The owner is one Count D, an odd fellow who prides himself on selling Love and Dreams.  These aren’t the names of animals in his shop, I’m talking about the abstract concepts.  Anyways, strange things seem to be happening to customers of the shop and an over-enthusiastic L.A. homicide detective is trying to link Count D to the goings on.

petshop op

The L.A. detective, Leon Orcot, is investigating several murders that have occurred that have only one similarity; all of those murdered were customers of Count D’s shop.  Each episode focuses on a different murder, and the story behind why the customer died.  I won’t say much more, in order to minimize spoiler-ish stuff.

As far as sound goes, there isn’t much to say.  There is no opening music (although I thought the opening sequence was kinda cool).  I can’t really remember any BGM, so I guess that’s a testament to how good it was at being unnoticeable, if there was any in the first place.  I suck at doing this stuff.

count d

Next, there’s art.  It’s old-fashioned, and like most things from the 90’s, there’s a bit of CG here and there, but overall I think it was just fine.  I’ve been initiated in the ways of older animation, so I was okay with it, but I can’t say that it has necessarily the kind of punch of impact to work alongside the gritty material of the story.  That being said, the story is rather predictable (depending on whether you’ve seen this type of show before or not), and so perhaps it would’ve helped if the animation had been a bit more graphic to lend a helping hand.  However, I think that despite all that, it wasn’t half-bad.  In my opinion, it was just fine.

All in all, a decent show, with a nice way about it.  I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular or jaw-dropping, and I was neither disappointed or surprised by what this show had to offer.  I enjoyed it, but probably won’t be re-watching it like crazy.  I liked it just enough to say that it was decent.  That’s an awful lot of commitment in a positive opinion for someone like me, so take it as a glowing recommendation.

P.S.  If you’ve read the manga, you will probably be disappointed.  And that annoys me.  I hadn’t read the manga before watching this, so I was perfectly fine with it.

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