somethingaboutlynlyn Nominated Me for the Liebster Award

What?  More awards?  C’mon, buy me a drink first, I don’t want you to think I’m easy.


Hip hip hooray for more recognition.  I have to say, I’m enjoying the traffic these awards are giving me.  It’s not something I see that often, much to my chagrin.  I’d like to thank lyn right away for the nod, she’s great and all that jazz.  I’m kind of in a rush (I received another nomination for this award while I was trying to write this post, so now I have to do another one), so let’s keep it going.


And here are the rules, courtesy of lyn through ojitosperle:


So let’s start answering!

Lyn‘s questions:

1. If you could describe your personality in three words, what three words would you use?  And why those words?

“Rhythmic horror show”.  What does it mean?  No idea.  I’m a fan of rhythm and I follow it like a mongoloid, I consider our world a horrific reality, and I’m ready to watch this show till my inevitable completion.

2. Do you have a pet peeve?  If so, what is it?

People consciously ignoring me.  Man, is that annoying.  I just can’t stand it when-  hey, where are you going?

3. Do you think out loud?

I’m not limited to just thinking out loud, but yes, I do sometimes sort out my thoughts orally.

4. Do you listen to music while you blog?  If so, what genre of music?

Alright, my taste in music is complicated.  Suffice it to say that I listen to pretty much everything, and what I listen to at any particular time is dependent on my mood at the time.  For example, as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to this:

5. If you could make a “Soundtrack of Your Life,” what five songs would you put?

First of all, my soundtrack would need a hell of a lot more songs than that, but sure, let’s stick to five.  I’m sure we all need to go to sleep at some point, so keeping it short is a good idea.  Alright, here are my five:

“Bridge over Troubled Water” – Simon and Garfunkel

“The Winner Takes It All” – ABBA

“Dance with God” – The Pillows

“L’isle joyeuse” – Claude Debussy

“Adieu” – Yoko Kanno

6. Have you ever went karaoke?  Did you like it, why or why not?

I haven’t gone to a place specifically to do karaoke before, no.  I have sung in the shower, which I’m pretty sure is better.

7. Coffee or tea?

No thanks, I’m full.

8. Your top five favorite books of all time (well so far in life)?

All of these tough questions… alright, I’m just gonna go with stuff off of the top of my head:

“A Man for All Seasons” – Robert Bolt (Yes, I know it’s a play.  It still counts.)

“1984” – George Orwell

“Welcome to the Monkey House” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Son of Interflux” – Gordon Korman

“Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us” – Bill Joy (Yes, I know it’s an article.  Stop yelling at me.)

9. If you could rewrite the ending of a book, anime or manga?  Which would it be and why?

I’d rewrite the ending of School Days so that Makoto’s head ends up on a crappy boat instead.

10. If you knew the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do on your last day?

I’d try and finish this post.  That, and maybe say goodbye to my friends and family.  Also, go for a walk with my iPod.

11. Would you meet a blogger (or bloggers) in real life? If so, who and why?

You know what?  I’d like to me lyn.  I have a feeling that we would have a lot to talk about.

Now for the nominations.  I will nominate the following blogs:

Morning Toast


Lenses of Clarity

Therefore it is


Words and Rhythm

Anime and Else

Marvelously Mismatched

Dad watches anime

ill timed august rain

Tsukiyo no Hikari

My questions are as follows:

1. If you could take a roadtrip anywhere, where would you go?

2. You have been elected to be the leader of your country.  What is your first action as leader?

3. If you could instantaneously change your appearance to be that of any anime character, who would you want to be able to change into?

4.  Answer 1 of the following: name your top 5 worst actors in Hollywood, or your top 5 worst anime characters.

5. Rescue an anime character, or be rescued by an anime character.  Which one would you prefer and who would be the anime character?

6. You take a walk in the park and encounter a bear (yes, a bear).  You reach into your pocket to defend yourself and you pull out…

7. If you could make any planet be made completely out of a single food product, which planet would it be and what would the food product be?

8. Are you my mommy?

9. Give me an idea of who you would be if you were a character in an anime.

10. You are part of a classic love triangle.  You encounter the two other members, the item of your affection, and your rival, in an elevator.  You have 3 choices: kiss your darling passionately, uppercut your rival, or leave the elevator.  Wait a second, you have a fourth choice, which is to…

11. And last but not least, who are you?  Please be brief.

Thanks again to lyn for sending me copious amounts of views.  I try and use them as best I can.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

5 thoughts on “somethingaboutlynlyn Nominated Me for the Liebster Award

  1. I love the opening line. “C’mon, buy me a drink first, I don’t want you to think I’m easy.” Buy you a drink? You should buy me a drink. No wait, instead of a drink, buy me a book. 😛

    You should try karaoke. If you ever visit Japan, that is the one activity I recommend on doing. It is a lot of fun. I didn’t think I would sing, but I did. And now, karaoke is one of my favorite activities to do with friends, even though I suck. haha

    I would rewrite the entire School Days script. Oh man, the boat scene. Kotonoha should have Makoto and Sekai’s head on the boat. Two heads are better than one. 😛

    Lastly, I am honored that you would want to meet me. Let me pack my bags and go to Canada now. lol

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