A Cry for Completion: Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Heyo!  Finally an entry for this section of the blog that doesn’t have to do with Arslan Senki.  For this entry, I’m complaining about Denpa Teki na Kanojo, the 3-volume long novel series that was adapted to a 2 episode OVA in 2009 by Brains Base.

denpa 2
Brains Base, 2009

Denpa Tenki na Kanojo, which literally translates to “Electric Wave-like Girl”, “The Girl of Signals” or “Electromagnetic Girlfriend”, is a light novel created by the team of Kentarou Katayama (who has only worked on this and Kure-nai) and Yamato Yamamoto (who has also worked on Kure-nai with Katayama, in addition to working on art for 9S and Owari no Seraph).  The story revolves around Juuzawa Juu, a delinquent high-school boy, who is being hounded by a strange girl named Ochibana Ame.  Ame insists that Juu is the reincarnation of the king whom she served in a previous life, and that she must continue to serve Juu in the present day.  Needless to say, Juu is against the arrangement, just wanting to be left alone.  However, when Juu comes across the body of the class president, killed in a manner resembling a string of serial killings that have been happening in the city, he enlists Ame’s help in tracking down the party responsible.  However, he does so because he suspects that Ame is the serial killer, as she appeared before Juu, soon after he discovered the body, carrying the murder weapon.

denpa 1
Brains Base, 2009

This the premise for the first episode of the OVA, which is also the first volume of the novels.  The second episode is an adaptation of the third volume of the novel series.  The second episode has no anime adaptation.  So, what is my complaint?  What am I crying for the completion of?  Well, there is no wrap up.  There are so many lose ends, it feels like I’m watching a bowl of spaghetti.

However, before we get to talking about the details of the story, there is the initial problem of the translations.  Neither the novels or the anime adaptation have been licensed for distribution, and have therefore not received legal translations.  The OVA has been fansubbed (hence how I found it), while the novel translation that was initially planned by Baka-Tsuki seems to have come to a halt, with barely 1 chapter of the first volume translated.  Yeah, pretty shabby work, but I’m not really surprised.  Put your hand up if you had heard of Denpa Teki before this blog post?  Wait, I can’t see you.  Okay, use this.

Anyways, there’s that.  That is definitely something that frustrates me.  The story for this novel, based on what I’ve seen of the show, is not shabby in the least.  It’s very interested, taking a look at psychological issues, and ideas of morality and ethics, with a background of dark city streets and the atmosphere of a murder mystery.  So why exactly has there been so little attention paid to this series?  I dunno, that’s not the point of this section.  I just complain.

denpa 3
Brains Base, 2009

Alright, let’s get to the heart of my beef with this series.  Oi, Katayama-sensei, Yamamoto-sensei.  Seriously?  What’s the problem?  I haven’t read the 2nd volume (because I can’t read Japanese god damnit!), but I doubt you resolved the huge pile of character related inconsistencies and backstory explanation.  I mean, there are Ame’s two friends (who appear in episode 2 of the OVA, 3rd volume of the novels), both of whom seem interesting as hell and have hints towards potential future subplots or main plots.  Then there’s the issue of Juu’s parents.  Why does he live alone?  This is never explained, and I think that could be the basis for an entire volume, if not part of the over-arching plot.  I’m no expert, that’s your job, sensei-tachi.

For me, the series just didn’t seem complete, finished, or even mostly developed.  The kernels of great ideas were present, but you forgot to put them into the microwave and set the time.  They just sit there, promising to be so much, and are doomed to be nothing more than just that.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

3 thoughts on “A Cry for Completion: Denpa Teki na Kanojo

  1. Yeah, that’s the unfortunate fact of life with light novel translations on the internet. Often, people start translating because there’s a buzz around the anime, but as soon as the anime ends, the interest sorta just fizzles out. Denpa Teki na Kanojo never stood a chance, being only two episodes long and all.

    I watched this anime about two years ago and thought it had some neat ideas, but yeah, it never really went anywhere. Iirc they never even explained why the MC dude was supposedly a king. Damn it, wasn’t that supposed to be the hook?

    1. It wouldn’t say it went anywhere, but it definitely didn’t go to the places it should’ve gotten to at some point. Also, the hook for me personally was the very beginning where we see the scene of the girl supposedly getting raped. I was intrigued, if not a little disturbed.

  2. I want another tbh. I feel like this has so much promise and I enjoyed what I had and now I want more gosh dangit :/ plus I have tons of questions I would really like answered

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