Introducing Schizoidmouse!! [New Contributor]

Hey all!  Well, we have company now.  Schizoidmouse, a friend of mine from MAL, has decided to become a somewhat regular contributor to the site.  Rather than have him just type up a plain old miniature biography, I decided to do something a little different.  This post is actually a conversation that I arranged for the both of use to have using Google Docs.  We basically typed up a chat log as if we were talking to each other.  It’s a bit rough, but I tidied it up a little.  Here you go!

Schizoidmouse: Hi howdy, name’s Schizoidmouse, came up with it while I was randomizing usernames on Xbox live. Not the most creative person when it comes to naming…

leaveit2me: Well, nobody’s perfect.  I came up with my name on a whim, while creating (and you probably won’t believe this) an Adobe account.

Schizoidmouse: Lol, Adobe always brings out the best in people. Unless they are group editing…premiere pro just can bring out the worst.

leaveit2me: So Schizoid, what are your tastes?  What are you interested in?

Schizoidmouse: Well in a lot of circles many call my a mecha fanboy for some reason despite not even seeing some of the apparent masterpieces on the genre or played the games. I like hunting down the unique pieces in film, gaming or anime/manga. Anything can fit my fancy so long as it brings a terrific narrative to the table. Gaming its a bit different, but that goes for all forms of film, TV, anime and manga.

leaveit2me: Nice, nice.  For you, what qualifies as “unique”?  Do you have any examples?

Schizoidmouse: Well personally I’ve been trying out the sports genre more recently in anime/manga. I never found it particularly interesting because it is just sports. I’m more of a hockey man myself so none of those Slam Dunks or Kurukos had anything that interested me. Then I came across such titles as Teppu, RRR, and Ping Pong which changed my view of the genre as each story had something unique to bring to the table. Teppu had the strangest cast of characters I’ve seen in a while. RRR had a surprisingly touching story that if it went on longer I’m certain it would’ve been in my top 5. Then Ping Pong gave me chills as each character was relatable and the sport even played second fiddle to the development. Things that make their specific medium shine are what I call unique.

leaveit2me: Hmm, that sounds pretty neat.  Yeah, I’m kinda of the reverse then.  I consume everything indistinctly and then make my judges based on comparison and relativity between titles.  I feel like i’m in nerd culture for the long run, rather than for a casual hobby or entertainment, and so I decided that my strategy should be to conquer as much anime, manga, film, music, games, graphic novels etc. as I can, so that I can wax philosophical about it all.  You’re strategy sounds a little more fun though, since it eliminates the odd School Days or other mistake watches.

Discotek Media, 2007

Schizoidmouse: It used to be my strategy…and it was a fun one. Right now though I go completely masochistic with anime tackling the bad and the good. School Days is on my list soon as I know it could be a wild ride. I like your strategy a lot better because rather than getting a finite and closeminded view like what I used to do you can keep your options open. I for one often feel the need to complete everything now, which can lead to a lot of pain much like this year’s magnum opus of crap World Break and its runner-up Isuca.

leaveit2me: Oh, you watched Isuca?  I decided not to watch that when I noticed it was Studio Arms.

Schizoidmouse: Arms is that rare studio that creates some of the worst anime I have ever seen. Fanservice to the extreme most of the times with the most interesting one potentially being Samurai Girls. I mean Arms could have something good in their roster at some point right? Isuca sadly wasn’t that, but it did make me laugh on more than one occasion on how bad it was.

leaveit2me: I know Arms as terrible due to the fact that until they made Elfen Lied (which wasn’t half bad, probably because it was based on a better manga) they only made hentai.  So yeah, I figured, “Old habits die hard”

Schizoidmouse: Well they didn’t make the worst anime of the year so far, so they are doing something right.

leaveit2me: Yeah, but with half a year to go, there’s still a chance.  Although, they can’t be making that much money, since they only make garbage.  Anyways, enough trash talking Arms.  I’m sure they’re really nice people, at least on the outside.  Why don’t we move onto movies?  What’s your taste in that area?

Schizoidmouse: My taste for movies stems from my interest in anime actually. Since I grew up with a combination of anime and Disney I’ve been more entranced with animated films than I have with live action. The interesting thing though, is probably on my top ten list there may be two maybe three animated movies, so over the years I’ve been entranced by films like Scream, A Beautiful Mind, and even the awkward spasms of Nic Cage.


leaveit2me: That’s a strange concoction of live action you have there.  I’m not much for the horror film genre to be honest.  I tend towards no particular direction though, I go all over the place.  I’ll watch pretty much anything, just like with anime.  There are a few things I don’t like, horror for example, but otherwise I don’t usually have quams.  It’ll all depend on my mood at the time.  I also grew up with Disney (the old stuff, and a little of the recent stuff) so I share that.

Schizoidmouse: Disney always has a way of connecting people, especially what was called the Golden Age of Disney. The oldies are always the best, Steamboat Willy is embeded in my memory even to this day. Though for me I gravitate back to the Golden Age with such films like Hunchback and Lion King. Though the odd favourite of mine would have to be Tarzan, with one of the best voiced villains in Disney history, Clayton. I like the Phil Collins score and how none of the characters necessarily needed to sing a song, but merely have the animated scenes showcase each moment quite flawlessly.

leaveit2me: I was surprised by how poorly recieved Tarzan was.  I watched it a lot when I was younger and really liked it, but whenever I asked others, they just said they didn’t like it.  I dunno why though.  People do consider the classic hand-drawn movies Disney’s golden age, but I think in terms of story Disney hasn’t dropped the ball too often.

Schizoidmouse: I would agree for the most part, even with such classic films like the Black Cauldren, there was this magic to each story. The Black Cauldren I remember, frightened me as a child yet gave me such chills as I grew older. That is the special aspect of any Disney film, they can be directed towards children, but have those hidden tidbits for adults. When I rewatched the Goofy Movie of all Disney films, I was actually still entertained as it surprised me with how it became a relatable father-son relationship and their struggles in a single parent family. Goofy of all characters, the comedic relief told me this and it is just goes to show how brilliant Disney was even with its offbeat projects.


leaveit2me: It’s interesting that you bring up The Black Cauldron.  That movie is actually based on the 2nd novel in a series of Lloyd Alexander fantasy books called The Prydian Chronicles.  They are apparently based on the same Welsh legend that the lord of the rings was based on.  The book version is actually one of my favorite books ever, so I was a little disappointed by how the movie handled some of the things.

Schizoidmouse: Oh really? I didn’t know it was adapted from a book, I knew it was based on something from Welsh lore. I never was a big novel reader so a lot of the book references go over my head.

leaveit2me: Okay, to be honest I think we’ve gone a bit long.  How about we stop it here with you just giving your idea of what your contribution will be to the blog.

Schizoidmouse: Well I’m going to be tackling potentially a lot of different mediums if I can. I have a potential series in the works, but I already see the formula cracking. To me I hold a deep interest in anime and manga, and I often enjoy seeing films. I plan on doing some gaming reviews of older titles potentially, just picked up a bundle of Atlus games and by gar, I am entranced. Though I won’t do too much to let you have most of your blog, since I also do other things on the net as well.

leaveit2me: Alright, sounds good.  I’ll let you be on your way.  Have a great day!

Schizoidmouse: You as well mate, thanks for letting me join ya! I look forward to working with ya.

leaveit2me: Cya!

Well, that’s it for the intro.  Thanks to Schizoidmouse, and hopefully you’ll see something from Schizoid soon.  Look forward to it!

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