Shout Out!: Jon Stewart

Yet again, I feel the need to create a new segment.  I call this segment “Shout Out!”, and that’s pretty much what it is.  These will generally be very short segments where I give a quick shout out to something or someone I really like or enjoy.  These will also usually be people for whom I have a pretty decent level of respect for, in terms of what they do and how much I enjoy it.  Lastly, these shout out’s will usually be thrown out to people who are far ahead of me in terms of popularity or status in the wider world.  These are just the screams of a fan girl among many, so I have no expectation that the person(s) about whom this is written will get around to reading this.  That being said, I still think I should still write this.  So, without further ado, let’s begin.

This first shout out goes to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.  For those who don’t know, really?  I mean, if you don’t watch the t.v., or if you don’t have cable, or if you just aren’t interested in the news, that makes some sense.  However, I’m pretty sure that most of the world has been affected by what Jon has done in his tenure on Comedy Central.

Jon Stewart made The Daily Show back around the time when George W. Bush was first coming into office.  In case you don’t know, The Daily Show is a comedy program that parodies news network coverage by putting a comedic spin to that day’s or week’s events, while also providing slick commentary in order to make the news easier to digest.  Needless to say, the Bush presidency couldn’t have come at a better time for a comedy program like Stewart’s, and the success of the show was almost guaranteed by the haphazard antics of the flaky President.


However, it was a combination of raw “Comedy Store” straight-talking commentary and an earnest attempt by a well known comedian to get to know that political scene that made The Daily Show much more than just a comedy program.  Over the years, the fan-following became more than just people looking for good comedy.  It started to grow as people were looking for unadulterated truth.  As the show began to cover political scandal after political scandal, it became obvious after comparing coverage by other so-called news networks to the coverage that The Daily Show was offering that only one of the two offered news that sought to inform the public without supposition and without fear-mongering.

This was mostly due to the fact that Jon Stewart was not only fed by political flubs (of which there were many), but also by the corrupt news media itself.  He wasn’t afraid to go after the heads of media, to the rich Jews who rule the world, and even to the company that made his program possible, Viacom (although he did have some contractual obligation to lay off).  That just goes to show that even in the pursuit of truth, you can’t keep all of your beliefs intact, if any at all.  At least not in this world.

The Daily Show does have liberal leanings, without a doubt.  However, no one seeks to hide this.  Besides, the show scoffs at political boundaries.  Like the shows it parody’s, The Daily Show strikes at the issues of the day, from gun control, to gay marriage, to abortion.  It points out the hypocrisies within news coverage and within governmental policy decisions, and brings it to the forefront.  As Jon Stewart summarized perfectly in his final episode of the program last night, it’s all about the bull-sh*t.


Lastly, I’d like to talk about my first exposures to the show.  When I was just a little kid, I didn’t really know what to like.  However, I know that what made me happy was to see my parents laughing.  It didn’t happen often in our house, but I felt a great wave of relief come over me when it did.  It happened several times whenever M*A*S*H came on t.v. and I’ve been a fan of the show ever since.  Another time it happened was when The Daily Show came on.  My parents would laugh and laugh, and although I didn’t understand the jokes at the time, I felt the need to laugh with them.  I just felt the laughter course through me, and I realized.  This is funny.  When I came back to the show years later, and a little more knowledgeable, I found something that was both funny and informative.  It was a match made in heaven, and I’m sad to see it leave.

I wish all the best for Jon Stewart, and I hope that in his future endeavors he is able to see the same level of success that he saw while making magic at The Daily Show.  I doubt it though.  That was really something special.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you don’t mind my nostalgia messing up the place.  I felt this was something that I really needed to write, and so I did.  Thanks again, and have a great day!

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