A Random Thing: Why I Don’t Like One Piece

I don’t like it Sam I Am, I do not like Greenpeace or One- oh, I mean green eggs and One Piece.  That was a joke.  This is when you laugh.

I know that this opinion may rub some people the wrong way.  I have reasons for being of this opinion and I want to share them.  That is what this platform is for, free speech and disseminating sentiment.

Oh, a quick note.  I will be writing this post by using comparisons with the other 2 shows that are in the same league as One PieceBleach and Naruto, and points of comparison.  So when I make a claim or statement about One Piece, you can usually place the clause “relative to other 2 shows in The Big 3“.

Shueisha, 1997

So, why don’t I like One Piece?  Let’s start with some positives, shall we?

#1: It has best premise.

I mean, seriously.  A story about a brat who becomes a ninja, and then goes along being a ninja and continuing to believe in stuff.  Then, you have a story about a guy who looks mean but is actually really nice.  But actually he’s dead now.  But actually he’s a guardian of the city of the dead.  But actually he was always meant to have that role, so it makes sense.  But actually his dad’s a Shinigami and his mom’s a Quincy.  SPOILER ALERT!!

Out of all of the big three, One Piece is the only one that looks dedicated to trying to tell a story.  Regardless of what you may think of that story, the fact that they at least started somewhere concrete (a kid with a simple goal of becoming the best in his world) and have not strayed from that in all of these years allows them the luxury of being able to tell a story.

#2: It has the best lead character.

This is something that shows like Naruto and Bleach have struggled with, because the motives, feelings, trials and tribulations make you question how many believable dimensions there are to the lead characters.  You don’t question Luffy’s motives.  He’s an idiot, but that also means he’s single-minded.  He is manufactured to be unquestionable.

Naruto is also an idiot, but between wanting to be Hokage, wanting to reunite with Sasuke and having an unrequited love for Sakura while Hinata has an unrequited love for him, you wonder whether any of these things really matter because you are just watching events unfold just for the sake of completion.

Ichigo is such an unnatural character in the sense of the shounen genre that it becomes difficult to suspend disbelief at time, because it feels unfair to the idea of human intelligence that one would feign ignorance in some of the issues with his placement in the show.  He seamlessly fits into a role that he was thrown into almost at random (believe it!), he Super-man’s his way into a “society” that just sorta goes along with it because he is also, obviously, OP as hell (believe some more!), and he justifies everything at the very end by just giving up his power.  I mean, it’s not like power-overcompensation isn’t a problem with other lead characters, but it’s the fact that he had no intention or knowledge of this world beforehand, but suddenly becomes so emotionally attached and invested in the world of Soul Society for no other reason but that he’s stubborn and a sore-loser.  Eventually we get reasons of parentage as an excuse.  Just a bit late, Kubo.

#3: It has the best filler.

Not much to say here really.  Naruto and Bleach have really crappy filler, One Piece has Skypiea.  That pretty much sums it up.

Shueisha, 1997
Shueisha, 1997

So I’ve bashed the other 2 Big 3 shows, and you may be wondering when I’m going to bash One Piece.  I’m not actually going to.  Surprise!

I don’t like One Piece, I didn’t lie about that.  This isn’t just a huge troll.  However, the reasons I have for not liking One Piece are entirely superficial, and I will only try a little bit to justify them on some higher level of reasoning.  One Piece is a show about a guy who wants to become the best.  He’s Ash Ketchum, but he actually does things using his own bare hands rather than using a good right swing.  Luffy’s annoying enthusiasm gets randomly converted into charisma by the warped frontal lobes of the characters who join his crew: a crazy swordsman with an oral fixation, a couple of busty broads who have a tendency to get handsy each in their own way, a cowardly sharpshooter without a truthful bone in his body, a Wookie crossed with the Incredible Hulk but possessing a medical license, a top chef with fewer girlfriends than Manti Te’o, that annoying singing skeleton from your high school biology class, and a cyborg version of Popeye the sailor-man as a Hawaiian tourist.

I guess you can’t fault them in terms of originality, no one would have thought of this stuff.

My problem is not with any of that.  My problem is that the show is just too silly.  The first show I ever watched was Code Geass.  I knew next to nothing about anime, and so my first impressions about the medium were positive.  Not only that, I believed that anime was, in general, an platform for telling intelligent and innovative stories that are filled with moral quandaries and plot twists.  In that sense, I became jaded towards shows that met that profile.  After delving deep enough into anime, I was introduced to the truth that a majority of anime are not like that in the slightest.  One Piece stands at as one of those shows that is the antithesis of those things that I came to love about anime.  Dark atmospheres, questions of human nature, awesome music.  These are things I did not find in One Piece.

At the end of the day, it really came down to a matter of taste.  That’s all.  I’m not saying One Piece is bad.  I think I have shown definitively and objectively that it is not.  However, it isn’t for me.

Thanks for reading this folks, I know it’s long.  Hopefully you liked it though.  I actually kept it rather short, I wanted to write a lot more.  Either way, thanks again, and I hope you have a great day!

4 thoughts on “A Random Thing: Why I Don’t Like One Piece

  1. Oh wow. I’m impressed by your post. As a huge ONE PIECE fan, I was ready to pull your guts out but you wrote your dislike of it in such a way that I can’t even hate you. Ahaha. Well done!

      1. You did great. I try not to be too hateful for those people who say that they don’t like ONE PIECE, but what can I do? I love it so much. I wasn’t lying when I said that I was ready to slam you because my vision just turned red when I saw your title. Good thing I took the time to read the rest of your post. I stand corrected from my earlier impression. Hahaha. Anyway, good job on this post. You managed to convey the reasons why you dislike this anime, while at the same time avoiding the wrath of huge OP fans like moi. 😉

  2. Even though I love One Piece I gotta agree about it being really silly in places… I get annoyed as well! I still think it’s an awesome show, though, and it does touch on some serious, dark stuff, but it all wrapped up in a silly package anyway. I love Code Geass for its seriousness as well! Great post 🙂

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