Shout Out!: Robin Williams

It was recently the 1 year anniversary of Robin Williams’ death.  I thought I would take this opportunity to give a quick shout out and tell you about my experiences watching Robin Williams.

Robin Williams touched me.  Okay, please, calm down.  I mean that his comedy moved me emotionally.  Specifically, he made me laugh out loud in the fullest sense.  Robin was my first comedian.  It all began with the genie from Aladdin.  The wide array of characters and the playful nature of his voice intermingled to create a memory of my childhood that I hold dear to this day.

From then on, I was infatuated with his style of humour and tried my best to see everything he was in.  I watched Good Morning VietnamMrs. DoubtfireDead Poets SocietyJumanjiGood Will Hunting and so much more.  Always, Robin was the spark of energy that changed the dynamic of the movie.  He was the center of attention and everything spun around him.

I remember the first time I watched his episode of Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton.  I’m pretty sure that it is still to this day considered one of the best episodes of the show.  Robin goes non-stop, creating characters, improvising, playing off of the audience.  It’s 2 hours of incredible comedy mixed with insight into the man.

I think what strikes me about his comedy is that he always seems so happy to be around people and making people laugh, and it shows in his facial expressions and mannerisms.  He gets an enormous amount of enjoyment from doing his job, and that joy is passed on to the audience.  I’m struck by this because it is an aspect that I share with Mr. Williams.  I can’t see myself doing anything but making people laugh.  I have to be in the presence of other people, or I shrivel.  I don’t go out of my way to meet other people or socialize in larger gatherings and the like.  Heck, if I did that I probably wouldn’t feel the need to look for people to entertain on the internet.  However, the people who I do know I entertain as much as I can.  The gears in my head turn constantly, thinking of a new joke for my next interaction with someone.  I derive most of my happiness from seeing others laugh.

In that way, I feel close to him.  I’m very glad that I was able to see him make people laugh, and in turn laugh himself.  Thanks Robin.  What you did really mattered to me, and to a lot of people.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Shout Out!: Robin Williams

  1. Enjoyed reading this, he clearly meant a lot to you. I miss him tremendously too, he was beyond compare.#

    I wrote about him in my recent review of Good Morning Vietnam. Would love for you to check it out.

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