One St0p for all EnterTainmenT Nominated Me for the Liebster Award [UPDATED]

Oh dear.  This was quite a while back and I’m only now getting to it.  Apologies to both of my readers (I know you’re out there) for taking so long with this post.


Let’s get started:


Thanks to One St0p for all EnterTainmenT for nominating me.  I didn’t know anyone was actually reading this blog (but I still had blind faith that there were two followers), so it came as a surprise that I received another award nod.  Well, I can’t complain.  I guess I could, but that would be insincere.

Here are the rules:


Here are One St0p for all EnterTainmenT‘s questions:

1. Cats or Dogs?

Ha!  Naked Mole Rat!


2. Most favorite anime opening or ending song.

I did my top 20 anime openings on the Sea Slug Team anime blog.  In case you can’t force yourself to give views to that great blog, here’s the list:

Nichijou: Hyadain – Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi – C
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure (2012): both of ’em
Shakugan no Shana S3: Light my fire – KOTOKO
xxxHolic: Suga Shikao – 19sai
Fruits Basket: Ritsuko Okazaki – For Fruits Basket
Cowboy Bebop: The Seatbelts – Tank!
Durarara!!: Theatre Brook – Uragiri no Yuuyake, Baccano: Paradise Lunch – Gun’s & Roses
Major S1: Road of Major – Kokoro e
Naruto Op 5
Serial Experiments Lain: Boa – Duvet
Shiki: Buck-Tick – Kuchizuke
Gintama: Prague – Light Infection
Elfen Lied: Kumiko Noma – Lilium
Hellsing: Yasushi Ishii – Logos Naki World
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Kenji Ohtsuki feat. Ai Nonoka, Marina Inoue, Yu Kobayashi, Miyuki Sawashiro & Ryoko Shintani – Hito toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru
Gunslinger Girl: The Delgados – The Light Before We Land
Rurouni Kenshin: Makoto Kawamoto – 1/2
Great Teacher Onizuka: Porno Graffitti – Hitori no Yoru
Hajime no Ippo: Shocking Lemons – Inner Light
Death Note: Maximum the Hormone – What’s up, people?!

Honorable mentions:
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II: Oratorio The World God Only Knows – A Whole New World God Only Knows
Zegapain op – Akino Arai
Fate/Zero Season 2: Kalafina – to the beginning
Paranoia Agent: Susumu Hirasawa – Dream Island Obsessional Park
Mirai Nikki: Yousei Teikoku – Kuusou Mesorogiwi

3. Swords or Guns?

Ha!  Naked mole- wait a second…

Umm, lightsaber.

4. Most annoying and an interesting anime character( Name two anime characters where in one is annoying and the other is interesting)

I’m not good with these “think of something off the top of your head” most of the time, so I’ll just say the first thing that comes to my head.

Most annoying: Aizen Sosuke

Most interesting: Ladd Russo

5. How were you introduced to anime?

I watched anime unknowingly when I was a kid, but the first show I watched knowing it was anime was Code Geass on a recommendation from a friend.  I got hooked from then on.

6. An anime/manga character you resemble the most. (not physical features )

Kyon.  It’s rather uncanny.

7. Which genre do you prefer the most?

Mystery, suspense, thriller, action… stuff like that.

8. On a range of 1-10 rate on how much you socialize with people.

If 10 is social butterfly and 1 is “This man is an island”, I’d say 4 or 5.

9. Have you ever cosplayed?


10. Favorite voice actor

Ah, easy question.  Sugita Tomokazu, he’s just so damn talented.

11. Anime you have watched more than twice.

Ah, hard question, there are a lot.  Okay, get ready.  You ready?  Ok… Prince of Tennis.

Time for some nominations.  I’m only doing 7, I need to save some nominations for the other nomination post I have to do…

We the Hunted

Otaku Peanut

Deirii Raifu

Fantasy and Anime




UPDATE: Matt-in-the-hat reminded me that I’m supposed to ask 11 questions.

1. Finish this sentence: Tomorrow is to today as Vitamin C is to…

2. If you could be a member of a Celtic folk band, what would you have your stage name be?

3. If you could take a hike to any part of the world (including over water), where would you go?

4. Can you imagine doing something for your job than you are now?

5. You’ve just been informed that you have 3 days to live.  What are your plans?

6. If you could be the main character of anime currently running, who would you be?

7. After rescuing a random rich guy from falling off of a cliff (don’t ask how), he asks you what you want as a reward.  What do you say?

8. Your favorite pet? (ex. a breed, species, stuffed, rock)

9. Your favorite Youtube video (right now).

10. Your favorite post on your blog.

11. If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you watch R.O.D. the OVA.  Do a review on it.

I remind you, you don’t need to answer any of these questions if you don’t want to.

Yup, that should be fine.  Thanks for reading, thanks again to One St0p for all EnterTainmenT for the nom, and have a great day!

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