Fall 2015 Anime Season Do’s and Don’ts

Yo!  The summer version of this list turned out to be one of my most successful posts (geez, people really want me to tell them what to do), and so I thought a fall version was in order.  Here are my tips for the fall season of anime.

Rules (There will be no…): Sequels, Shorts (shorter than 15 minutes), Movies, OVA’s.

Let’s begin!

Do: Watch Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans


I was apprehensive about this one at first.  The term “Mobile Suit Gundam” has been synonymous with mediocrity in recent times, for good reason.  It hasn’t gotten to the point where the memories of the original have been tarnished, but it definitely seems to be headed in that direction.

However, Iron-Blooded Orphans could be the return to form we’ve all be hoping for.  I’ve certainly been getting some After War Gundam X vibes from it, and I quite liked that one.  It is my sincerest belief that Orphans will try it’s best not to disappoint, but I am a pessimist at heart.  I suggest watching a few episodes to get a taste of the atmosphere and a peek at the character development, as these are the hallmarks of the Gundam shows we all know and love.  If Orphans passes that litmus test, it could potentially be a smooth ride to top anime of the season.  Here’s the P/V for your consideration:

Don’t: Watch Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry


There’s just… nothing here.  Besides the distinction of best OP song (by virtue of the 2nd P/V), there doesn’t seem to be much substance here.  I see bits of… you know what, I don’t even care anymore.  Here’s the 2nd P/V, and let’s just move right along.

Do: Watch the first episode of Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou


There is only one reason that this show is here: the scriptwriter for the show, Shou Aikawa, teased this project back in May stating that this would be a superhero show in a setting similar to that of the Watchmen comic book.

Really?  Is that so?  Well I’ll be the judge of that, if you don’t mind.  I’m watching the first episode to confirm that this show is in a setting similar to Watchmen, and only for that reason.  This show better deliver, because my wrath is quick and ruthless, by which I mean that I will not watch the show afterwards.

Here is the P/V:

Don’t: Watch Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai


I appreciate effort, and this show tried really hard to make it seem as if this show wasn’t fluff.  That being said, it’s fluffy.  Really fluffy.  Apart from an idol group score and a few somewhat impressive fight sequences, there’s not much here.  Not sufficient for my consumption, at least not now.

Do: Watch Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider


I’m a huge mystery mark.  If I see a mystery, I run to it.  The Perfect Insider seems to have come at the perfect time (lol, I’m so funny), as I’ve recently undertaken a mystery novel-writing project on this very blog (ignore the plug).

One thing that intrigued me about this show is the premise of a “locked room” mystery.  If you’ve seen any mystery J-Drama’s, you’ll know that the “locked room” is a highly re-used plot point, one that has been exercised again and again.  I want to see what this show will do differently, and thus I’ll be watching it this season (that’s probably a lie, I’ll watch it later).  Here’s your P/V:

Don’t: Watch Lance N’ Masques


It takes more time that I care to spend to explain why this show won’t be good.  So I just won’t start.  I’m not watching it, I have things to do.

Here’s the P/V, in case you have a minute to waste:

Here are a few more shows that I won’t do a big explanation for, but that you might want my thoughts on:

One Punch Man: I’ve heard too much hype to not be skeptical.  I shall be on the sidelines for this one.

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru: I chose Perfect Insider for this list, but Sakurako-san has the potential to be as good if not better, I can’t really tell yet.

Garo: Guren no Tsuki: I really like the look and feel of this show, something I couldn’t say about the first series of Garo.  That being said, I’m skeptical about fake Tokusatsu-like anime adaptations, and the P/V wasn’t too impressive.  Thus, I shall wait and see for this as well.

Heavy Object: Probably gonna be kinda lame.

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