Daiyamanga Nominated Me for the Infinity Dreams Award

Yet again we tread on towards the dusty dawn, not knowing whether this day will be our last or just our next…


Well, whatever.

Daiya nominated me for the Infinity Dreams Award, an award I had yet to receive a nomination for.  Thanks a lot for the support!

There are 2 rules for this award:

  1. List seven dreams. (They can be personal or website related.)
  2. Nominate seven other bloggers/authors/dogs for this award and notify them.

Pretty simple.  Alright, how about I list the seven dreams that I wish I had, and by dreams, I’m talking about those visions you have when you’re asleep:

  1. I’m running from a vampire, but I’m actually watching myself run from the vampire on a chalkboard, so I’m seeing everything as if it were drawn in chalk.
  2. I’m driving down the highway… I don’t know how to drive.
  3. It’s midnight and I’ve just come home from something.  There’s no food in the fridge, no water in the tap and no bed.  There’s no house either.  Wait, where am I?
  4. I’m living in a world made entirely of candy, but I’m not alone.  I spend the entire dream trying to look for other people while avoiding the strange things following me.
  5. I’m skiing on lava using a rock.  Yup, that’s it.
  6. I’m a firetruck.
  7. I’m happy.

Alright, now to nominations.  I nominate:

Something about lynlyn

Lisette’s misadventures

Anime B&B

World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko

Alpha Manga

On the Move


Thanks again for the support and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Daiyamanga Nominated Me for the Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination, but I already closed that award (reached a 5 nomination limit) 😛 Maybe next time 😀

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