Top 5: Future Plot Hints from the last episode of Arslan Senki

Well, with the ending of Arslan Senki to make way for this train-wreck of an anime season, let’s take a look back at that last episode in the hope that there will be future installments of Arslan to dilute the river of garbage that seeks to flow further pathetic anime in my direction.  So here is my list of plot hints that I got from the last episode of Arslan Senki.

#5: Estelle x Arslan


It’s not very subtle, but I think it’s worth bringing up the romantic tension that one can see build up between Estelle and Arslan.  There’s nothing blatantly obvious, but it’s there for sure and I’m certain that it will only become more obvious with time.  There are a few hints in the last episode, from Farangis’ speech to Estelle regarding why Arslan is a great leader, and her continued interaction with the all of the members of Arslan’s main entourage, which suggests her increased close involvement with them as well in the future.

I mean, c’mon.  It’s just… so obvious.

#4: Guiscard is so dead


Guiscard becomes completely in cahoots with Hermes after latter reveals himself to be the rightful heir to Pars.  Guiscard’s condition for aiding Hermes is that he receive the throne of Lusitania.  Hermes agrees.  OF COURSE HE AGREED!  FOR NOW!  Does Guiscard seriously think that Hermes is going to just peacefully hand over the throne and then go about his way after things wrap up?  And even if he does have a plan to get the better of Hermes (which he probably does), Hermes probably knows about it and will double-think his opponent using his contingency.  Yup, seems pretty obvious how this interaction is gonna go down.

#3: When Parsian meets Lusitanian, it all goes downhill


Well let’s assume that this anime was being made post-2010 and therefore it must have a happy ending- oh wait, it is!  Yeah, so at some point, Arslan is gonna have to win and triumph over bad and be king (this is excluding all of the people who will die before the end as a result of it being a show based on a Yoshiki Tanaka light novel by extension from the manga).  What’s going to happen when the Lusitanian citizens meet the Parsian citizens?  Arslan will have at that point decided that everyone should live happily, but what about those who don’t?  What’s going to happen between the religious folk and the slave-holder people?  It’s a question as old as time…

#2: Hermes is so dead

Yeah, let’s be honest.  Hermes has made a deal with the devil (in one way or another), and so he’s pretty screwed.  Just take a look at this pic:


and tell me that this guy isn’t gonna die.  You can’t do it, can you?

#1: Arslan actually has a right to the throne?


Such a huge tease…

Alright, that’s all. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Top 5: Future Plot Hints from the last episode of Arslan Senki

  1. This definitely needs a sequel. I was so shocked when I came to know that ep. 25 was the last! It felt so incomplete. And what’s the deal with Hermes anyway? Where does his damn crazy power come from?

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