Movie Review: High Noon (1952)

‘Sup folks!  Me again, back with a quick and dirty review of High Noon.


A lawman all his life, Will Kane has finally decided to trade in his badge for a farm after his engagement and marriage to the lovely Amy.  The couple are madly in love and all of their friends in town have come together to give them a nice wedding bash.  However, not all is right with the world.  A villain from Kane’s past, Frank Miller (no relation), is coming back to town and while Kane feels obligated to stay, his wife refuses to watch her recently acquired husband turn her into a widow.  On the other hand, the town has completely capitulated and not a single person is willing to give Kane their support to forming a mob to stand against Miller.  Kane decides to stay and protect a town that wants nothing to do with him, as a one-man army against all odds.  The stakes are high and the chances of survival are slim, with the clock ticking till judgement time in High Noon!

high 3

It’s considered one of the definitive classics of the Western genre, and if you’ve watched it, there’s no surprise why that is the case.  It’s just… so damn good.  With an ending scene that will knock your socks off, this film is a must watch for those who are even somewhat into the Western era of film-making.  It never misses a beat, with each moment contributing to the “doomsday clock”-like effect of adding tension, culminating in the final act of the movie where Kane inevitably faces off with Miller.


At times, you feel a twinge or two of pain as Kane is constantly regarded as a dead man walking, his final pursuit being that of a suicidal man.  The feelings of betrayal are undeniable, and an bleak undercurrent runs throughout the movie as the lawman of many years is betrayed by those who he has serviced so dutifully.  In addition, the film depicts other parts of Kane’s past coming to the fore, such as past lovers and the deputy who has been living in his shadow, hoping to take his place someday.

A great flick with lots of inherent tension and character interplay, this movie is very, very good, and definitely worth your time.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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