Top 30: Video Game Soundtracks Part 2

leaveit2me here, back with a few more entries on my list of the top 30 video game soundtracks!

#25: Super Mario Bros. 2 Soundtrack (Super Mario Bros. 2, Koji Kondo)

What exactly is there for me to say?  All of the nostalgia of the Super Mario-verse is packed into these pixel tones.  While I chose the second, any of the Super Mario game soundtracks could have been on this list.  This is just my favorite.  However the legacy of Koji Kondo’s bit by bit music will always be way up there in shining alcoves of gaming legend.

#24: Transistor OST (Transistor, Darren Korb, Ashley Barrett)

I argued with a few people about whether to put Darren Korb’s other, perhaps more celebrated work, the Bastion OST.  However, this is my list.  And I like Transistor’s OST more.  Either one could’ve made the list, as they are both rather deserving, despite their very different sounds.  Darren Korb’s techno refrains and Ashley Barrett’s lamenting lyrics come together in a perfect harmony to give a very Daft Punk meets Nujabes meets Blade Runner vibe, pretty appropriate for the game play.

Purchase here: SuperGiant Games

#23: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Koji Kondo)

While it might not be very fair, I’m still going to put another Koji Kondo entry.  This is simply because I can’t not recognize the Zelda soundtrack, that’s how special it is to me.  In addition, it’s one of the several signs of how the improvement in technology gave Nintendo and Kondo the ability to expand the palette of music that they had to work with.  It’s really a very important milestone in video game music.

#22: Fallout 3 – Galaxy News Radio (Fallout 3, Various Artists)

This is a very cheap entry, because who exactly am I crediting here?  A bunch of really old people, The Ink Spots, The Andrews Sisters.  This is music most people don’t listen to, at least not nowadays.  However, the sheer novelty of these kinds of songs being brought together to support a video game is enough to have it on the list.  And despite it not being heard often, these songs are actually pretty good (at least most of them are).

#21: Journey (Journey, Austin Wintory, Lisbeth Scott)

Rather than Flower, Journey finds its place here as the token Thatgamecompany entry.  I just found Journey to be more compelling than Flower.  Flower seemed interesting in principle, but eventually I fell asleep.  With Journey, I had a response similar to when I played Ico.  I was on a… journey.

Purchase here: Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes

Okie dokie then, that’s all for now.  Thanks and have a great day!

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