Top 30: Video Game Soundtracks Part 3

Back again, with the next 4 entries in the top 30 video game soundtracks list!

#20: Bioshock OST (Garry Schyman)

Wow.  Someone recommended this soundtrack, and after a listen to this piece, along with a few others, I was hooked.  It fits so perfectly with the dark and murky atmosphere of the underwater Rapture.  On it’s own though, it feels like a deranged mans thoughts in music form.  Beautiful but wretched.  Classical but corroded.

#19: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within OST (Stuart Chatwood)

A change of pace for the Prince of Persia series, one of the most nostalgic franchises for me, earns the 19th spot on this list.  Going from a very Arabian-themed Aladdin type high-flying adventure to what one reviewer called “a Marilyn Manson music video” may seem a bit off-putting (it definitely was for that reviewer), but I found it compelling when I was younger and I still find it fun to listen to every now and then.

#18: Mirror’s Edge Soundtrack (Magnus Birgersson)

A cool synth soundtrack definitely works wonders and it definitely helps pull you out of the gameplay of this free-running FPS.  The best part of a good soundtrack is when it can emphasize the atmosphere rather than the game, thus removing some of the feelings “grinding” that you have when you get too absorbed in the gameplay.  This soundtrack is a prime example of this effect.

#17: Cave Story OST (Pixel)

You have to hand it to Pixel.  They did the impossible: they remade Mario without ripping it off.  There is so much that they can be proud of with the singular achievement of Cave Story, and this memorable OST is just one of those things.  Made with a program made specifically by Pixel in order to make this OST, Cave Story soundtrack feels both nostalgic and new.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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