Movie Review – Frailty (2001)

Here’s a quick movie review of the 2001 film, Frailty.

Currently on the hunt for the the murderer responsible for what has been called the “God’s Hand” killings, FBI agent Wesley Doyle gets a late night visitor in his office, a man named Fenton Meiks (Matthew McConaughey) claiming that the killer is actually his brother Adam.  The movie follows Fenton’s explanation of the story behind why he believes Adam is the killer.

Adam and Fenton lived pretty normal lives in their small town, until their father (Bill Paxton) claims to have received a vision from God instructing him to kill the “demons” in his town.  However, the “demons” he speaks of look an awful lot like people.  Thus, their simple small town life gets turned upside down.


I tend not to watch horror movies, and although Frailty doesn’t fit into the category of your typical horror flick, it definitely has some of the more usual trappings: crazed killers, seemingly with purpose, trying to mow down victims, some sort of investigator trying to piece together the facts of the murderous rampages, a dark and brooding atmosphere encapsulating the whole affair.

Probably the aspect that is missing and what really makes this less conventional is the lack of gore.  Yes, there is axing of people.  Yes, children are present during said axings.  But the gore is not amplified.  It isn’t at the forefront.  What is brought to the fore is the idea of righteous killing and the idea that life is never just one thing.  As soon as it changes, your world will be rocked off center, to the point where you may not even recognize the people you thought were closest to you.

Overall, it’s an entertaining movie, with a “killer” albeit cliche twist ending.  Check it out if you want a decent time-killer, or an idea of Matthew McConaughey pre-pre-pre True Detective.

Thanks and have a great day!

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