Music Review – Pe’z

Oh dear, what a long time it has been since the last one of these.  For those who don’t remember, or those of you who are new here (in which case, Welcome!), let me explain how these work.  Usually, I review music at random.  However, music that fits into the category of “J-Music” gets filed under a special page, my A-Z of J-Music.

As I’ve already said, it’s been a while.  Therefore, to celebrate my “triumphant” half-return, I will be reviewing the band that really got me into J-jazz, Pe’z.

I’ll start with my jazz background: it’s sparse.  Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, a little Ray Charles, that’s about it.

Despite that, I was taken aback by the quick tempo and fast jazz style of Pe’z.  Let’s take a listen, here’s ハナフブキ ~花魁道中罷り通る~.

The core of their music is the trumpet and piano bouncing off of each other, whilst a very metal-heavy drum takes the rear, a tempo-controlling baseline backs up the crew and an enthusiastic sax chimes in from time to time.

Here’s another song, this time emphasizing their tendencies to sync up a lot of their sounds.  This is Akatsuki.

Lastly, let’s have one song with some sort of vocals in it, ’cause why not?

Overall, Pe’z is one of the more interesting Japanese bands at first, but they tend to be very repetitive to the point where listening to a few songs from them may suffice if you want to completely understand what their sound is.  That being said, Pe’z are a good starting point if you want an idea of what contemporary Japanese jazz is.  I’ll be coming out with more reviews of similar bands in the coming days, so stay tuned for that!  Thanks and have a great day!

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