Comic/GN Review – Bloodshot Reborn Vol 1.: Colorado

Oh dear, comic review.  Sure has been a while.  I believe the last one was for Superman: Red Son.  Man was that a while ago.

Alrighty, let’s get to it.  This is a review for the first TPB of the new Bloodshot series, “Bloodshot: Reborn”, under Valiant.  Bloodshot, a white-skinned, highly trained assassin/hitman who is enhanced and controlled using bloodborne nanites, fought back against the organization controlling him, Project Rising Spirit.  Eventually, with the help of other heroes, especially the Geomancer, he was able to gain control over his body and do good to make up for his misdeeds.  In the end, the Geomancer was killed in a battle to save the world, but before she died, she gave Bloodshot one last gift.  Using her power, she removed all of the nanites from Bloodshot’s body, giving him a normal life once more.


Now, we find the man once known as Bloodshot living day to day, not knowing what his purpose should be.  Taking drugs and alcohol to numb to aches and urges to go back to his former life, he wiles away his life.  One day, a news story breaks about a murderous rampage caused by a man with white skin.  Could it be that the powers that Bloodshot once had have been given to someone else?  Unable to sit around any longer, Bloodshot travels forth to stop the killings and discover what his true purpose is.


Brought to you by the trusty hands of Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan, this new edition in the Bloodshot story breathes some life into the man who can’t be killed.  Creating a murky atmosphere around a very, very unstable character makes for a compelling jumping off point and this first book pulled it off in spades.  The banter between Bloodshot and the visions in his head is great and we really get to see all of the complexities of a man who has been given a chance but doesn’t know what to do with it.


At the end of the day, Bloodshot has always just taken orders.  Even when he was gaining control over his own body, he was really just following the prime directives afforded to him by the other members of Valiant and the Geomancer.  He hasn’t really made his own decisions as far as he can remember.  Thus, this represents a turning point for himself as it may be the point when he truly returns to being the human he once was.  Maybe the nanites were just the first step, because being human is much more than just weakness and mortality.


Overall, this book will probably prompt further purchases in the future (happy sobbing begin!), so look forward to some more reviews for Bloodshot.

Thanks and have a great day!

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