Music Review – TRI4TH

Rolling right along from my review of Pe’z, here’s a review of a group I consider to be one of the better Japanese jazz bands.  Just as strong technically as any other group, this group emphasizes the soloist mentality that many big band jazz acts had, whilst also infusing some samba and rhythmic qualities to their sound.  I’m talking of course about TRI4TH.

maxresdefault (1)

Before I say anything else, let’s have you take a listen to this song of theirs entitled Volare Via.

Fast, but not annoyingly so, smooth and yet full of life, confident but not heavy-handed.  That’s the best part of TRI4TH’s sound.  You really get the feeling that they love playing this music.

Another thing you notice is that there is no real emphasis any one instrument in particular.  Everybody has their time to shine in each song.  I love music like that because it allows you to get an idea of everybody in the group in just one song.  The best part is that despite using everyone, songs don’t seem repetitive.  Each has a unique flavor to it.

Here’s a more measured tune, titled Everbody Knows That.

Next, I’ll have you listen to my one of my favorite songs of theirs.  It’s packed with action and pace, but their blunted style makes it not hard to listen to.  This is BMWの女.

It’s just… so great!

I’ll close up with a song that TRI4TH contributed to.  It’s a cover by OCTET Sunaga t. featuring Jukka Eskola and TRI4TH.  Here’s kyev.

Alrighty, that’s it for now.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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