OST’s for Life (Anime Edition) – Going for a Walk

Let’s take a stroll…

Let’s cut to the chase: it’s a new regular feature on the site.  I give you my idea of a great OST for a particular situation.  I really like music, but I have a lot more anime music on me than… other music.  That isn’t to say I haven’t listened to a lot of other music.  I just listen to… a lot of music from anime.  So I will have both an anime edition and a normal edition of lists, and I will specify what version of the OST I am doing.

For this list: I love to go for walks, usually in wooded areas with a trail, with a dog on the leash and an mp3 player putting tunes in my head.  As such, I have compiled a SHORT list of the songs that I feel most thematically fit the feeling of a nice walk around the park.  These are songs I like to listen to, but not all of the songs I like to listen to at all times.  It’d be pretty boring to listen to the same songs all the time.  At some point, I’ll get around to making long lists of my iPod playlists.  For now, you’ll just have to settle for this.

Yasashii Gogo – Minawo (D.N.Angel ED1)

The appeals of this song are pretty clear.  It’s simple, with a meandering melody that takes minor effective liberties with the typical format of most popular Japanese songs.  The voice is high, but not painfully so.  It has a soft edge like a blunt wind or a bag of feathers.  Overall, it’s perfect for a walk in the park on a fall or winter day.

Lain’s Theme – Reichi Nakaido (Serial Experiments: Lain OST)

While it is pretty dark, this song has just the right amount of “grunginess” to keep you awake and alert on those dark nights when you are coming back a bit too late from your evening stroll.  It isn’t particularly demanding in terms of your ears since it’s repetitive.  It doesn’t get to the point where it’s extremely boring though.

1/2 – Platina Jazz/Rasmus Faber (Platina Jazz Anime Standards V.3)

I love the original song, the second opening to Rurouni Kenshin by Makoto Kawamoto.  I also like jazz and this is the perfect combination.  Rasmus Faber and his Platina Jazz group is surprisingly not known in the spectrum of anime music tributes, a fact that I find highly saddening.  Lastly, the tempo and mood adjustment from the original resulted in a great quick-paced walking song.  The combination of all of these things led me to place this song on the list.

Want It All Back – Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop OST)

Serving a similar purpose to Lain’s Theme, this song is a great pick-me up in terms of pace and emotion.  Despite dealing with the complicated topic of getting money back from a “gold-digger”, as Jamie Foxx might say, it is decidedly uppity and energetic with rapid chord exchanges leaving the listener with the impression that they are going for a jog rather than a walk.  It’s a fun little song from an amazing OST.

Kutsu Himo – Asami Yamamoto (Witchblade ED2)

This lovely little song was hidden in the most unlikely of places, as the second ending song for an anime adaptation to a popular Dark Age comic book series from the 90’s.  How strange.  It’s appeal has nothing to do with it’s origins though.  It has a simple rock tone, single-minded rhythm and andante or walking tempo.  It’s a song that has moxy, without being overcooked.  Lovely.

Waltz – Suneohair (Honey and Clover ED1)

While it has a rather faster tempo the other songs on this list, “Waltz” has a strangely soothing arrangement that makes you feel like you it’s not really that fast.  The meshing of an ever-present piano with Suneohair’s smooth vocals and the occasional computer-produced note creates a sound as if you were listening to music in a cloud.

Kiseki – Snowkel (Gintama ED6)

Similar to “Kutsu Himo”, it’s just an easy listen, in the sense that it has nothing out of the ordinary.  Music that’s easy on the ears is the key when thinking of music to listen to on a walk.  It’s all about letting your mind unwind.

Walk On – Masataka Fujishige (Prince of Tennis ED3)

This list all began because I wanted this to be an entry.  Like most shounen, sport or simply long-running shows, Prince of Tennis manages to result in some decent songs here and there, and this is definitely one of the ones I like the most.  It carries that slow yet sure feeling of taking a walk for yourself, to clear your mind, but not lose sight of what returning home means.  The walk can be a journey, but in the end, like is just a series of long walks from place to place, and it’s about whether we can hold our head high and be ready for what we are walking into.

Welp, that’s all from me folks.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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