About Me

I’m leaveit2me, but my friends… well, they call me my actual name, so try3there’s that.  I’m studying to be an engineer, but on my off time I love to watch anime, movies, television, and read manga, graphic novels/comic books, classic literature and write and talk about it.  This blog serves as my portal through which I can do these things and express my thoughts.

I’m currently on staff at Sea Slugs! Anime Blog, and I really like it there, but that is primarily an episodic update of ongoing anime shows.  I’m most likely going to be transferring my anime thoughts that aren’t in that vein here, so as to avoid bothering them with my diatribes.

I also have a MAL account here, a decaying Goodreads account here and a MDL account here.

All credits to kari10001 for the render in the picture on the right.  kari10001 can be found here on deviantart.

10 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Oh, how you spoil me so, lyn. I’ll get to the nomination post when I have time, and thanks again for keeping my blog afloat with your comments and views!

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