It Take Two to Tango: A Hanazawa Eiji Mystery

This is the main page for my “novel”.  I’m not a great writer, but that doesn’t disallow me from trying.  Here you will find a table of contents for the “novel”, as well as a brief synopsis.  Feel free to provide any criticism you like.  Thanks for your support and have a great day!

It Takes Two to Tango: A Hanazawa Eiji Mystery

Hanazawa Eiji is a genius, but has never had the guiding light to see his abilities bear fruit.  Through primary school, he found himself the subject of ridicule by the class bullies due to his shyness.  One fateful day, his parents died in a tragic accident.  Afterwards, Eiji changed.  He used his superior intellect to cause misery to all those around him, whether they were bullies or not.  By the start of high school he was almost entirely isolated from the world, the only exception being his neighbor and childhood friend Miyamoto Ami.  When strange events start occurring at the orphanage where Eiji and Ami met and became friends, Ami convinces Eiji to help solve the case.  Can Eiji overcome his past and become a person worthy of his gifts, or will he descend further into darkness dragging Ami with him?  Find out in It Takes Two to Tango!


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