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Contributor – Schizoidmouse

Welcome one and all to my autobiography! Its Schizoidmouse story time so listen to this amazing tale that most likely isn’t that interesting. I’m your avid lover of anime, manga, film, gaming, and I’m quite the introvert. That doesn’t mean I’m cooped up in my basement crying to reruns of Plastic Memories…and yes I did cry at that.  I’m constantly searching for the next unique thing in several different mediums whether it is picking up Atlus’ estranged title, Baroque, or watching Cowboy Bebop. I’m excited that leaveit2me allowed me to join without the use of excessive blackmail, and I look forward to working with him on this blog.



Hello everyone, I guess this is where I should introduce myself! The name’s DUCKSLIKERAIN. My favorite anime of all time would be Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I like to think myself as somewhat of an anime optimist, meaning I try and find the good in everything I watch. Although I may dislike a series for particular reasons, I’ll usually have a few things I enjoyed about it, and overall still have a swell time. For what I lack, I like to believe I make up for in enthusiasm. I’ve been watching anime for a long time now, and i still feel that very same excitement when starting a series, and I hope it never goes away.

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